Can You Sell Food Out of Your RV at Quartzsite Arizona on BLM Land?

Getting to Quartzsite, Arizona, is easy – it’s a major vacation spot that has an incredible amount of visitors from around the world. You can find a variety of activities to fill your days including a huge flea market, off-roading, fishing, golfing, and so much more. But what is it that makes Quartzsite such a great place to stay?
Shady Lane RV Park

Located in the heart of the city, the RV park at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base is ideal for snowbirds and military families. It has a number of amenities, including a clubhouse with kitchen facilities and a laundry room. It’s also close to over 300 eateries.

click here about the RV park at Davis Monthan Air Force Base is its affordable rates. There is also a variety of activities, including a five-mile hiking loop and a 130-mile bike loop trail.

For RVers looking to stay a few extra days in the area, there are several free campgrounds nearby. You can also use Passport America to get a discount at several of these free parks.

The Best KOA in the USA is a good choice. It’s a great place to stay if you’re visiting the Phoenix area, and you’ll be able to enjoy a host of free activities.
La Posa RV park

During the winter months, many RVers flock to Quartzsite, Arizona. This desert town is surrounded by BLM land. There are several free camping areas near Quartzsite. These areas allow campers to stay for fourteen days in a two-week period.

There are also long-term visitor areas (LTVAs) where campers can stay for an extended period of time. These areas offer services like water faucets and dump stations. The prices for LTVAs are much lower than camping in campgrounds. The cost for a season pass is only $180, which covers seven months.

There are four LTVAs in the area south of Quartzsite. La Posa, La Posa South, La Posa North, and La Posa West are all open to campers. go directly to Happy Camper Buyer are located on BLM land. They are open to tents of all sizes.
Quartzsite Improvement Association

During the winter season, Quartzsite becomes a Mecca for RVers. The population of the city increases during this time. Quartzsite is considered the snowbird capital of the continent. Snowbirds can choose to stay in a tent or in an on-site built cabin.

The winter season is also the time for Quartzsite to host rallies and RV events. There are many local RV parks that have events and social gatherings. Some of these events are free or cost a small fee.

The Quartzsite Improvement Association hosts dinners every Wednesday evening and potluck cookouts every Friday night. There are also several rock collecting clubs. Some of the clubs have classes that are held at a small fee.

The Quartzsite public library is located on Plymouth Road. The library has free Wi-Fi. The town also has a number of restaurants and fast food places.


Besides being the home of the annual Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV Show, Quartzsite is a major winter destination for both RVers and van dwellers. Quartzsite is an open air cathedral that is surrounded by federally managed BLM land, which allows RVers to camp in their RVs or tents.

RVs arrive from across the U.S. and Canada. Quartzsite also attracts snowbirds from northern states. It has a population of 3,700. In winter, Quartzsite’s infrastructure struggles to keep up with the influx of visitors.

Despite its popularity, there are very few permanent stores in Quartzsite. get “RV Buyers” deals here of grocery stores and a hardware store are located in the town. In addition, there are several flea markets throughout the city.

There are also several BLM dispersed camping areas within a few miles of the town. The areas are well marked and are open to tents of all sizes. The only requirements are to register with the BLM and to stay for 14 days.
Quartzsite Flea Market

During the winter months, Quartzsite, Arizona, is one of the biggest snowbird destinations in the nation. The town is home to over a quarter million “snowbirds” who are mainly mobile home owners. The town welcomes all types of mobile homes, from new to old.

There are also several RV parks in the area. The RV parks are full of flashy vintage campers and tricked out van conversions. The town also has several gas stations and fuel stops. These include the Roadrunner Market and Family Dollar.

Quartzsite is home to the world’s largest open air flea market. Many of the vendors here sell gems and rocks. There are also several stores selling fast food restaurants and grocery items.

The town also has a public library, which is located on Plymouth Road. The library has free WiFi. It also has a map of the town. The chamber of commerce also provides descriptions of the town’s 44 historical sites.

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