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Why I'm Running

I'm not a career politician.

I'm a regular guy who wants to make a difference. I believe if you have the opportunity to make a difference, then you have the obligation to make the effort.

I came to realize that no one is going to save us. There is no knight in shining armor who is going to ride in and solve all of our problems for us. It is going to take regular people stepping up and getting involved if we are going to tackle the challenges that we face as a country. 


I count myself lucky to be born an American. I recognize the privilege I have as a straight, white man, and I want to use that to help others. For me, our American ideals of freedom and opportunity come as a birthright, but for many Americans who are of different sexual orientations, races, religions, genders than me, those ideals don’t come so easily.

I know this because my wife is a Brown, Muslim, immigrant woman. She is the smartest, kindest, most interesting person I know, but because of her skin color, her religion and even the fact that she is a woman, she has to work even harder to get the respect and recognition that are given so freely to someone like me.


We are at a singularly pivotal moment in our country’s history, and this moment requires us all to participate in it. This year, we make history.

This year we don’t just decide who is in office; we decide who we are as a people. We can choose to reject the messages of hate and division and show that we, as Americans, will stand by each other, through times of crisis and times of ease.



Lee Griffin


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